Monday, 16 July 2012

Pride @ Prejudice

Mrs Bennet is v excited about a UNIVERSAL TRUTH I just heard concerning two RICH men, MARRIAGE and my four beautiful daughters :) with Jane Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet, Kitty Bennet and Lydia Bennet 
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Mary Bennet ...
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Fitzwilliam Darcy no thanks

Elizabeth Bennet ha!

Fitzwilliam Darcy not interested ...?

Elizabeth Bennet And yet you keep commenting...

George Wickham no one else gets a look in? ;)

George Wickham sure you should trust Fitzwilliam Darcy? #justsayin #youdontwanttoknow #HETOOKMYMONEY

Lydia Bennet OMFG!!!!!! :O

Elizabeth Bennet Hmmm... don't know who to believe...

Fitzwilliam Darcy have messaged you

Elizabeth Bennet know who to believe

Lydia Bennet eloped! LOLZ with George Wickham
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Fitzwilliam Darcy has been tagged with George Wickham and Lydia Wickham at A Church

Elizabeth Bennet thanks...x

Fitzwilliam Darcy no prob

Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley are in a relationship

Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy are in a relationship

Mrs Bennet Just need to find Kitty a man now! #proudmum

Mary Bennet -_-



  1. Love it. And aww, poor Mary :(

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  3. Genius!


  4. PS your Twitter link isn't working... @armadiliz doesn't exist? x

  5. Argh thank you! It is now @LizBankesAuthor and I forgot to update it! Am running off to follow you as we speak...