Saturday, 7 April 2012


What is more exciting than Easter? (But less chocolatey) 
That I have a SIGNED copy of this book to give away to one very lucky bunny. (Or person). (Or goblin, for that matter). 

by Conrad Mason
David Fickling Books
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'We're the Demon's Watch, son. 
Protectors of Port Fayt. 
Scourge of all sea scum. 
Don't tell me you've never heard of us?'

Port Fayt is a place where humans, elves, imps, goblins, trolls and ogres live peacefully alongside each other. When things aren't so friendly, the Demon's Watch - Port Fayt's unoffical police force - are on hand to see off the danger.    

Half-goblin Joseph Grubb has only heard tales of the Watch and has seen little of the world beyond the floors he scrubs at the Legless Mermaid. But he ends up in possession of a mysterious package, which is the key to the most dangerous threat Port Fayt has ever faced.  

If you would like to WIN a copy of the book, signed in gold pen, then just leave a comment at the end of this post, or send me an email at

This is one of the best books I've read this year. And here are some reasons why:

1. the underdog

I can't stand a hero who is all tall and strong and good-looking and great and generally VOMIT-MAKING. I love that Joseph Grubb is a weedy tavern boy. What's more, because he is part-goblin, he is looked down on and called mongrel by the less goblin-y characters. Conrad Mason has written a super post on the Readaraptor blog about why he made his hero a goblin. Goblins, he says, get a bad rep compared to, say, superhot vampires. I for one would much rather read about a goblin.

(I may also be saying this because I am short)

2. the girl with blue hair

Tabitha is the youngest member of the Demon's Watch and a talented knife-thrower. She also has blue hair, is really cool and I WISH SHE WAS MY FRIEND.  

3. the gang 

In fact, I wish the Demon's Watch were all my friends. Like the place they are protecting, the Watch are made up of different types of creatures. There are humans - Tabitha and Newton (now I know I said I don't like my heroes too attractive, but I figure it is okay if they are big and bald and slightly criminal. And probably stubbly), trolls - big green brothers Frank and Paddy, a magician - serious but seriously magical Hal, a fairy - small but vocal Slik, and an elf - Old Jon, who is old (but handy with a stick). Rag-tag bunches are the best - they make for humour, surprises and a great deal of swashbuckling. May result in unexpected crushes on bald people. 

4. Grubbiness

I loved that Port Fayt, with its grog, tavern-brawls and Shark Pits, was - like the name of our hero - Grubb(y). The grime and the detail made Port Fayt real and immediate - like a bustling, 18th-century scene from a picture by William Hogarth, but with far more interesting characters.  

5. completely utterly TERRIFYING witch

I don't want to give too much away, but HER EYES and THE WAY SHE MOVES.

So, all in all, this is a swashbucking, magical, hilarious and scary adventure with quirky characters you can love, hate and wish you were friends with. I suggest that you win this book. So leave a comment below or email me to be in with a chance! 


  1. This sounds really interesting, and quirky characters, humor and underdog heroes are just my cup of tea. I would love to be included in the contest. (I hope it's not exclusive to a single country?)

    Also, I've tagged you on my blog. Hope you will do me the very great honour of participating :) You can find the questions here:

  2. Looks good - is it going to be available in epub or kindle?

  3. I loved the demons watch and love your reasons for enjoying it! Thank you for linking to my blog and Conrads post, It was a brilliant one :)

  4. Sorry, feel like such an idiot - gave you your own link -.- overflowing with embarrassment. Here's the actual link: