Thursday, 7 July 2011

TOP FIVE: Budge up boys, room for a few more!

After a deluge of responses (four) to my literary lads, the list now goes up to 10! Hurrah!

6. The brothers MacGregor from Firebrand (and Bloodstone, coming out in August) by Gillian Philip.

Seth and Conal MacGregor are the first entries from a different species (Sithes). Seth was suggested by Savita Kalhan and both brothers suggested by Lucy Coats, who said:

'You need to consider the brothers MacGregor from Gillian Philip's Firebrand/Bloodstone on hotness grounds alone. Seth--committment issues, but Conal--lovely.'

I think personally I'd go for Seth, as I have a penchant for the half-feral, swear-y, commitment-phobic man.

Here is an interview with Seth by Nicky Schmidt on Absolute Vanilla
And apparently he looks like Billy Crudup.

Actually, maybe I'll go for Conal...

Here is an interview with Conal on Lucy Coats' blog. He is, as she says, a rather lovely man.

7. Sirius Black from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

This suggestion comes from Faye Fornasier and her reason is 'I like big dogs'.

8. Birk Borkason from Ronia the Robber's Daughter by Astrid Lindgren

This suggestion is is also from Faye and I am trusting her good opinion on this one because I haven't read the book.

Here is what she says about Birk:

'Birk was ginger, brave and amazing - regardless of the fact he had nits, so I stand by him.'

9. The Romans

I mentioned before a liking for a certain Mr Caesar. There must be something about a man in a toga with leaves behind his ears.

Other ravishing Romans include Marcus from Rosemary Sutcliff's The Eagle of the Ninth, who marches into 'the north' to recover his father's lost Eagle standard (and his family's HONOUR of course) and looks angry and pouty a lot, but is actually quite sweet deep down and has a good bromance with his slave, Esca.

Another Sutcliff man is Aquila from The Lantern Bearers. He's more angry than Marcus (the Saxons murdered his family, the little scamps!) and spends the beginning of the book as a Saxon slave wearing only an iron ring round his neck and little pants. At least I think he does - I could have imagined it.

For some unknown reason I pictured him as Cesc Fabregas.

Caroline Lawrence's Roman Mysteries series certainly delivers on the Hot Roman front. There's muscly-armed, floppy-haired lawyer Flaccus (if you don't know about 'Floppy', catch up here). And there's my favourite, Felix, who spends a lot of time cheating on his wife with slave girls, but who is also quite attractive, especially when you imagine him looking like Javier Bardem.

10. I'm just going to pop Mr Rochester on the end

Even though in his last incarnation he appeared to have dressed up as Rupert Bear.


  1. Euge! Yay! I love them all. Especially those dishy Romans. ;-)

  2. Ooh! Seth and Conal blush and say thank you! (well, Conal blushes.) Seth says he doesn't have that 70s tache, though. Although he might have had one in the 70s. At one point. (NOW he's blushing.) I agree entirely re Sirius Black and the hot Romans. It was all the wrong people who died in Harry Potter...

  3. Can I suggest Rich, from Rich and Mad by William Nicholson, because if I was 17 I would be so totally in love with him. And the same goes for Will from This is All by Aidan Chambers. For grown up me I guess it has to be Jackson Brodie but I could be just a tiny bit influenced by Mr Isaacs.

  4. Hi Gillian!
    Am thrilled to have made the boys blush (especially Seth). I'm sure he could pull off having a tache.

    And quite right re the Harry P dead - Lupin and Tonks!!!

  5. Hi Lesley!

    Thank you kindly for the suggestions - I haven't read those books, so now I have some new books (and men) to meet!

    And I imagine that quite a few people have grown fond of Jackson Brodie recently - possibly connected lingering shots of Mr Isaacs in a towel...

  6. You seem to have omitted Mr. Knightley...surely worth a mention?

  7. Oh yes! I do love Mr Knightley. But if I let him in then I expect Captain Wentworth, Henry Tilney and Willoughby (I know he's a wrong'un, but GREG. WISE.) will be wanting a piece of the action too...

  8. Please can we have Edward from Twilight? Only joking! I would like Ned from the Nancy Drew stories, he always seemed dishy.

  9. Oooh see that's more like it! Rochester! :D I'd take Remus Lupin over Sirius Black any day, though. Happily surprised and delighted doesn't quite cover what I feel with regards to you having Birk on the list. Ronja Rövardotter is probably my favourite Astrid Lindgren novel (I'm Swedish so I very much grew up with them). :) ...And ohh yeah, Ned Nickerson, he had it goin' on! (Also grew up reading classic Nancy Drew novels!)

    You have a point about not including all the Austen heroes - the list would get crowded very soon! If you want further suggestions, here are a couple of Anne Brontë's: Mr. Markham (Tenant of Wildfell Hall) is wonderful, but Mr. Weston (Agnes Grey) ... awww. :)

  10. Hello Lorna,

    Good 'joke' about Edward know I'm Team Jacob! Speaking of, have you seen the trailer for the new film? Jacob gets his wedding invite and then takes his shirt off and runs.

    I was wondering what happens to his shorts - do they burst off or merge into his fur? I asked Suzy and she thinks that he 'ties them to his leg' - can you confirm this?

    I'll give you Ned

  11. Hi Traxy!

    Some excellent 19th century gentlemen to choose from there! Had also forgotten about Mr Thornton!

    I have just started reading Ronja Rövardotter today so I will soon meet Birk for myself!

    Looks like Ned Nickerson will be beating us off with a stick!

  12. Hi Liz,

    What about Angel from Tess of the D'urbs? In the TV adaptation he was fiiiiiiiine.

    Re the shorts. They do 'burst off' and so he has to either undress first or the get ripped...pause. In the book once he takes them off and ties them to his leg. If that's what Suzie meant then I confer.

  13. Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables. Trumps Laurie from Little Women any day- has the decency to remain completely devoted to his first love, and doesn't settle for the precocious, shrieking younger sister. Plus he's a doctor. Oh yes.

  14. ps I agree with Lorna about Angel (BBC adap) to an extent - he does turn really rather vile though. The 'carrying Tess over the flooded path' scene is perhaps his peak.

  15. Excellent comments AmyLou and Lorna. Is there no end to this torrent of hot book men?

    Angel was great in the BBC one (despite being a slightly rubbishy husband)- was disappointed with Alec though. I was hoping that as well as evil he would be attractive, but he was just evil. I think I fancied Tess the most out of everybody - she was the only one not to do something to annoy me.

    Gilbert does have a lot of patience, staying in love with Anne after she shuns him for ages when all he did was make fun of her hair... Being a doctor always helps. Even if your name is Gilbert.

    Thank you for clearing up the business of the shorts.