Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lend me your ears and thoughts

Hello there, friendlings.

I was thinking that it would be rather nice if I didn't just feature my own wafflings and ramblings about books, but YOURS too. 

So if you would like to share any book-related thoughts or reviews or anything then send it along to and I'll pop it up on the blog.

If anyone responds I shall be very excited and might even wet myself.

Don't let that put you off.

In fact, the first person that sends me anything will have the honorary title of 'Lord of being great'.


  1. Ha ha I see you're new. I'm happy to review any books you want. I like you're writing style. You intertwine the intellectual with the comedic. Anyway, I just wanted to comment and tell you that I really like your blog. I too love books and movies from the "time of bonnets", particularly the classics by the Brontes and Jane Austen. My blog is devoted to it. :)

  2. Hello there! Thank you kindly for your comment and for pointing me in the direction of definitely my bag! If you fancied writing a guest post that would be fantastic! It could be on anything you like. Would be great to hear a bit about the new Jane Eyre, it's not released over here yet! I was also wondering how you did the lettering and designy stuff on your blog? I am trying to make mine look better, but am a bit clueless and cack-eyed when it comes to designing things! Any hoo, if you were interested in a guest post, just email it on over to Lovely to hear from you!