Friday, 6 April 2012


Now I spent a great deal of my childhood wishing I was a boy. (This includes wearing boy's clothes, dressing up as various male characters, such as a Thunderbird and Captain Scarlet, and asking people to 'call me John')

Later on I reviewed the situation and decided that actually it is rather nice being a girl. (Mainly because of dresses and being named after the Queen).

Speaking of Queens…

The Queen of Teen award 2012 is open for voting!

If you are aged between 9 and 18 you can nominate your fave author to be the Queen of Teen.

Just pop on over to the site to get voting:

The last two winners were:

2008: Louise Rennison
Author of THE GEORGIA NICHOLSON DIARIES and THE MISADVENTURES OF TALULAH CASEY (and my most favouritist book person)

(I wonder if her acceptance speech included the line ‘I am the Queen. And Georgia did a big poo this morning’…)

2010: Cathy Cassidy
Author of many books, including INDIGO BLUE, DIZZY and THE CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series

She was also (as I remember clearly from years of skipping straight to the problem page when reading magazines) the agony aunt for SHOUT. 

So whether you love pinkness and dresses and sparkly things / you like people to call you John / you actually are called John / none of the above, you just like reading, I think you should vote!

Except for me, I am too old.

But here are some of my faves, just in case you wanted to know. If you didn’t want to know, you may leave.

Joanna Nadin 
Author of THE TRAGICALLY NORMAL DIARY OF RACHEL RILEY for teens and the PENNY DREADFUL books for younger readers.

Because she makes me laugh. Loud and long and clear. And just normally. And because Rachel Riley's life reminds me of my own dismally ordinary upbringing without a tattoed mum.

Luisa Plaja 
Author of SPLIT BY A KISS, SWAPPED BY A KISS and this year's fantastic KISS DATE LOVE HATE

Because her books are about really cool stuff happening (in Kiss Date Love Hate there is SIMS-type game that is REAL and you can control people's love lives) but at the same time with totally normal characters who you believe are real (and maybe fancy a bit --> DREW)

Grace Dent
Author of the DIARY OF A CHAV and DIARY OF A SNOB serieseseses.

Again because of funniness. And because I LOVE Shiraz Bailey-Wood. And because she was on Have I Got News For You, which I am often on (in my mind) and I say tremendously witty things and insult someone horrible and Tory. In actual fact if they let me on I would probably sit and gulp silently and then probably faint and wet myself. But Grace Dent did go on it and say witty things, so I think if she met me we'd be friends. I also like her books. 

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