Monday, 2 April 2012


FEVER by Dee Shulman

In a love story that spans millenia, two people are brought together by a deadly disease that threatens the very fabric of both their worlds. Sethos is a Roman gladiator, lying close to death in 152 AD. Eva is a troubled teen and gifted scientist living in 2012 London. An accident in the lab sets free the fever that is going to unite them - but it could also mean the end of time itself. 

Today is FEVER day. And so I am going to spread a disease to you in the shape of words (which sounds a bit gross, but it is actually a very good thing). I am very excited (feverishly so) to be able to give you a SNEAK PEAK at FEVER. Click on this link to read the first 50 pages: FEVER extract

And if that's not enough (greedy), here are some SICK videos: 
(That was meant to be sick as in good. 
And as in fever.
Shall we pretend I didn't say it? Okay.)

Here are some VIDEOS.

The book trailer:

And here's an interview with the woman behind the words, Dee Shulman: 

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